WOWme! Wednesday

Wednesday again, already? And raining to boot. This gloomy day needs some cheer.

Here are some fun things that I’m in love with today.

This wreath from the corner house blog. I love anything that is living its second life as something beautiful. A bonus, it didn’t cost her a dime!

This painting, which lived its first life as a grocery palette can be found over at Young and Crafty. I love the antiqued look, almost as much as the type. I ADORE type.

And …  to give credit where credit is due, Hannah at Young and Crafty was originally inspired by this DIY wood fencing headboard over at House Tweaking.

Now the wheels are turning in my brain, I think I’ll go home and scrounge for supplies to start a new project of my own. (not that I don’t already have a zillion in the works) (okay, I exaggerate the zillion, but at least four or five).

Happy Wednesday!



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