WOWme! Wednesday

It really doesn’t feel like Wednesday this week. Maybe that’s because it’s Tuesday-ish?

I’m not really sure. Holidays always throw me off-kilter.

Not that I’m complaining at all, it was a great weekend. Especially the part that meant I got to spend 3 whole days with C, who normally works a 60 hour week (night shift. which makes him particularly elusive).

Three whole days of fun and sun and food and togetherness. Needless to say I’m still coming down off the fun-high, so this week is passing in a bit of a blur. But fear not! WOWme! Wednesday is a go, for those of you who aren’t having as good of a week as I am(;

Oh, by the way… I’m seriously considering converting my normal WMW to a linky party. Not that I don’t have fun stalking out awesomeness each week, I just think it might be nice to branch out and make some bloggy friends. Thoughts? Tips?

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Wednesday …

Who loves boots? This girl. I have at least 10 pair in my closet, maybe more. I’ve hidden a few from C because he thinks I have a … ahem … “problem.” Cowboy boots are my favorite though, and I found these pretties here. So, if anyone has some spare cash eating away at their pocketbook … ahem, me, me, me!

I’m loving these easy shmeazy decorations by Jeni over at Becoming Martha. You can go here and here to see how she made them. It makes me so happy when pretty things are so easy and inexpensive. Definitely going on my ‘i have to make it’ list.

Happy Wednesday!


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