Sad Days and Sneaky Peeks

Well, it’s official. My beloved Molly Malibu is beyond repair. She is the car that has driven me through over 120,000 miles of memories. She’s been there through 4 years of college, at least a dozen or so road trips, heartbreaks, quick getaways, even faster relationships, dear friends, lost friends, and about a zillion other things I probably couldn’t list without shedding a few tears. I may end up doing that anyway. It’s a sad day.

But, that’s not really what I came here to blog about. Aside from hauling me around day by day, Molly also carted my countless amount of treasures – thrift store finds, yard sale finds, art supplies, enough so that most days the only inhabitable spot of car was the driver’s seat. That holds true until the day she went into the shop -trunk still loaded to the hilt – never to return again.

So today as I clean my belongings out of my beloved Malibu and prepare to move on to some other poor unsuspecting car, I’ve decided to share with you a few of the treasures I found.

Isn’t this little birdcage lovely? He’s made of wood and wire and surprisingly sturdy, a steal for a $1.50. I haven’t had any brilliant ideas for him yet. For now, he’s just in for a nice sanding and coat of fresh white paint. That beautiful scrap of blue underneath is actually a skirt, a long peasant skirt that is actually two sizes to big, but I just couldn’t let it pass for $3!

Ah, dumpster diving. Well, not literally dumpster diving but close. I found this perfectly weathered wood palette just hanging out by the scrap wood pile outside the sculpture studio at school. I plan on using him for a project I’m dreaming up inspired by the projects featured here by Young and Crafty and House Tweaking. That is after it spends the appropriate amount of time hanging out in my garage, of course. Oh, and the horrific gold platters you see there are actually quite pretty (and $1 a piece!). They have a great nautical theme, I just have to find their inner beauty – which I’m guessing is hiding in a piece of sandpaper and a couple coats of paint.

This pretty little guy isn’t actually for me, but I picked him up in a thrift shop for $3.50 and he was hanging out in my trunk waiting to be gifted to my good friend Alyssa over @ amartsmedia. Alyssa is a wonderful designer who, like me, will be graduating in December and pitched out into the graphic design workforce. Rumor has it, this little guy will get a couple coats of green paint and be the newest addition to her growing collection of portfolio cases.

There you have it, and that isn’t even the half of it – just the fun stuff. Figures that I’ve been searching for some of this stuff for over a week. I’m one of those. The people who live in their car and can’t seem to hold it together for a week after it’s been cleaned out for fear of not having what they need when they need it. Apparently, I’m going to have to change my ways. C has been threatening me that if Shiny New Yet-to-be-Named car begins to look like my faithful old Molly Malibu, he will repossess her. We’ll see about that (;


One thought on “Sad Days and Sneaky Peeks

  1. Ah hahahahah! I love it! Indeed Molly (R.I.P.) and the Mouse have much in common. I’m just sorry mice were what was the end of her. I dunno about the green paint though. It has a nice vintage brown so we’ll see. And he won’t repossess the new one we’ll get you some car oraganziers! lol

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