Get Moving

I really can’t believe that January is already over. This year is already flying past.

Although I don’t really believe in “New Year’s Resolutions,” this year I have resolved to be healthier. Not diet, necessarily, but just get fit. C bought me an elliptical for Christmas. I know what you’re thinking – most women would probably be offended, hurt, or angry with a hubs that bought work-out equipment for a gift. In this case, I was ecstatic. I ASKED for the elliptical and I’m thrilled with it. 

I’ve always considered myself a semi-active person and a middle school bought with awkwardness and weight gain not withstanding, I’ve never had a real PROBLEM with my weight. I’ve been at a steady 120-130 pounds give or take since 9th grade (that’s ten years, damnit). But physically fit? Not really. Lucky is more like it. Accidentally active is another term I would use.

So what happened?


No, not typical freshman weight gain – i managed to avoid that. In fact, I managed to avoid weight gain throughout college with just a few conscious choices: stairs, parking far away for extra walking, a few kickboxing classes, limited beer binges, etc. It was graduation that happened. Graduation and the blessing of an immediate full-time office position as a result of a senior internship.

I love my job, it makes great use of a hard earned degree. But it also brought with it all sorts of yummy food temptations and 40 hours a week of sedentary, computer screen staring, SITTING. No moving. I can park as far away as possible and still only walk 15 yards from my car to my desk. The most exercise I aquire in a normal work day is a stroll to the copy-room. Six months of this yields a 5-10 pound heavier, unhappy girl. Enter elliptical. I have never been the ‘work-out’ type. Even in my days of nice legs and bikinis I wouldn’t have called myself fit. But after six months of this new sedentary lifestyle, I was increasingly unhappy with my body and my fitness level. One should not be sore after a few games of Wii bowling. Simply unnacceptable.

So now I work at being fit. Gone are the days of being magically thin. I was warned about this of course, but I figured it might hit at 30, not 23!

For the past month I’ve slowly (read: s l o w l y) worked my way up to what I feel like is a decent 25-30 minutes 3-5 times a week. I also do a floor routine of crunches, lunges, lifts, push-ups, etc. and recently purchase a Shake Weight via Groupon. No one can look me in the face and tell me I’m not trying. I’m trying hella hard. Keyword: HARD. After one month, I still don’t feel like I’m seeing any changes. And while I’m not heartbroken about the fact that I haven’t lost actualy weight, it would be nice to see a little more change. Just for morale’s sake.

I’ve been spending a bit of downtime at work everyday reading up on fitness and looking for inspiration, ideas, workouts, meals, etc. that might make this transition easier for me. It helps, actually. I found this blog, by a sweet girl who seems to have had a hell of a time with her own weight and health. She shares quite a bit of insight and inspiration as well as workouts, meal plans, etc. that has helped boost my spirits and given me hope that I won’t be a mushy, out-of-shape lump forever and always. She may have even inspired me to pick up running. We’ll see.

Sigh. Just keep swimming, right? (hey … maybe I’ll take up swimming, too!)

One day at a time, folks.


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