whining about the wine aisle …

I have a love/hate relationship with wine. Even though I’m more of a beer kind of girl, I do try to try a new wine every now and then. I’ve just never found one I really like. It’s my own fault – I just don’t know anything about wine. I try. But it never fails – every single time I go to (enter random grocery store here) in search of wine I get overwhelmed, pissed off, and ultimately make an agitated beeline for my favorite beer. Then I go home, drink said beer, and feel sorry for myself because I feel like an uncultured blob.

Friday night was going to be different. Last week, I went to an event and discovered this wine. Locally grown and bottled by Morgan Creek Vineyards in Harpersville, Alabama. It’s a muscadine red wine, not too sweet but not too bitter. I did some tracking online and discovered that the wine is sold at various local-ish stores as well as most area Publix. Well, let’s just say that my Publix is evidently not in the area. After 15 minutes of staring at every.single.solitary.bottle on the shelf in search of the wine I wanted I was about to make my customary trip to the beer aisle when a nice man recommended this:

It was actually a pretty good wine. And the night didn’t end with me sitting on the couch, beer in hand, feeling hopelessly uncultured. Thanks, kind man!

As for my beloved Vulcan Red, I suppose I’ll order offline.

How was your weekend?


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