where do i go from here …

you may have noticed, i’ve practically stripped the blog clean.

i guess you could say it’s in crisis.

i’ve had this blog for almost a year now. it started pretty strong. i thought it was going to be a design blog, but it quickly turned into an everything blog. and from there it turned into and overwhelmed, nothing blog. i just don’t know what it is i want to say. i’m not even sure if wordpress is the right place for me.

i’ve been reading blogs lately about blogging. go figure. i know that blogging should be something you’re passionate about and that you should be passionate about what you’re saying. i’m actually quite passionate about a lot of things.

my family.

my art.

my puppies.



but where do i start when it comes to putting these things into words? I’ve never been good at that part.

so, i’ve decided to start over. again.

for now, this is just going to be a stream of conscious. posting about whatever seems to be important to me as often as i feel like. after a while, i’ll evaluate. see where it is that my thoughts seems to go. then i’ll start putting the pieces back together. and maybe, just maybe, it’ll go somewhere great 🙂


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