live. every day

three years ago today, i lost one of the most important people in my life to that date. one of the only people that my naive nineteen year old self had ever loved more than her own self. the person that at that point, i would say taught me to live.

he taught me that there was more to life than my tiny little town.

he introduced me to music i’d never heard of, artists i’d never dreamed of.

he turned my whole small town world upside down.

and then he lost his beautiful life. far too young.

our short friendship taught me more about myself and where i wanted to be in life than i ever though one single person could.

with our friendship and his life, and death, he taught me to live. every day. never take any day for granted. don’t sweat the things that don’t matter. no matter how bad it gets, you go out there and keep going. it’s not a lesson that sank in quickly, or easily. it’s something that some days i have to repeat over and over to myself, like a record in the back of my head. just keep living, everyday.

and here i am now. i have a degree, a job i love, a husband who loves me more than i ever thought possible, and i’m closer to my family than ever before. i have my art, and i love my life. i would like to think that he would be proud of me, and who i’ve become.

rest in peace, my sweet friend.


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