coffee date.

hello friend, would you like to join me for coffee?

if you said yes, then i would have to tell you that i only drink my coffee with half and half – there’s actually not any sugar in my house. i would apologize, because i only have a 4 cup coffee maker (which is actually a one cup, in the giant mugs that we would use) and we’ll have to make our coffee in two batches.

we could sit on the couch, but the puppies would sit by the door and beg us to join them outdoors. it would be your choice, but be prepared for puppy kisses.

i would tell you that since i’ve decided to blog again, i’ve been searching everywhere for inspiration. i would tell you that the inspiration for this coffee date came from Casey and that i’ve been very moved by her blog. i would tell you that one day i hope to be that honest and open with my feelings, but that it will be a long process.

i would tell you i’m a dreamer. i could sit for hours and dream up projects and trips and all sorts of exciting things.

i would tell you that C works too much, and that i miss him – sometimes unbearably. and that i dream of the day when he gets moved to day shift, so we can be together everyday – not just on the weekends.

i would tell you that i miss my hometown and that we are on the brink of a decision to move back there and build a home of our very own. because househunting is heartbreaking and stressful – and i think it’s given me an eye-twitch.

i would tell you i’m already dreaming of a new house and all the ways i would make it mine. and that somewhere, there will be a swing or a hammock on a beautiful shady porch where we can sit and enjoy coffee anytime you’d like to visit.

i would ask you what’s going on in your world. are you involved in any projects right now? where have your dreams been taking you?

i would tell you that life is too short not to chase your dreams.

thank you for joining me, i hope you’ll visit again soon.






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