#photoadayapril update

so far, i’ve been sticking with the #photoadayapril challenge pretty faithfully. you can find my photos daily on twitter and instagram. it’s pretty hard to get them onto the blog every single day though. one of my goals when i started this blog was not to let it become an obsession. so instead of struggling to get the photos up every day, i’ve decided to do a weekly recap here with a bit more detailed descriptions about the photos. enjoy!

day 19: orange; this handmade bowl from the bahamas was gifted to me by a co-worker for helping with a trip she was coordinating.

day 20: something you drew; just a little doodle of something i have to remind myself of often. let it go, relax, enjoy life.

day 21: bottle; a bottle of red wine with a Brownell Travel 125th anniversary label designed by yours truly.

day 22: the last thing you bought; "the tanker", a 44 oz diet coke to supply my caffeine needs for a 1.5 hour car ride and 3 hour birthday party loaded with screaming children. 🙂

day 23: fruit; C's fruit loops are having to fill the fruit requirement for the day, reminding me that i'm in desperate need of groceries.

day 24: something you're grateful for; waking up to this sweet face every morning (even if it's sometimes a grumpy face).

 Sweet Shot Day


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