reading list

hi there.

since i’m off basking in the sunshine today, i’ll leave you with some other great stuff to read.

since i’ve been blogging again, i’ve been following several other blogs that i’ve found to be inspiring. i though you might enjoy taking a look.

Best Body Fitness: i found Tina’s blog when i was having a serious get-it-together moment about my overall lack of health and fitness. i really enjoy reading BBF because not only does she share plenty of great workouts and tips, she also jumps right in with a lot of personal business as well. i’ve been so inspired by how far she’s came with her own struggles health and body image .

Casey Leigh: i love that Casey is so open and honest when she blogs. it’s such a joy to read about her little family and see that, although they have had some pretty serious struggles, she is still strong in her faith. this blog is where i got the inspiration for my coffee date. plus, she has some really fabuluos sponsors!

People I Want to Punch in the Throat: this blog just straight up cracks me up. Jen has a snarky sense of humor and some pretty heavy opinions. she seems to have a good thing going, despite a few oversensitive. i’ve been following for a few months now and she hasn’t ran me off yet so if you aren’t offended by a few well-placed curse words and a good laugh, then hop on over and check her out.

and a few more …

NS Pottery
Saturated Canary
Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
Little Blue Feathers
fat mum slim
Newly Wife Healthy Life
enJOY it



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