#photoadayapril wrap-up and kicking off #photoadaymay

i’m sure most of you have noticed that i jumped on the bandwagon of the #photoadayapril challenge midway through. the great news today is that it’s time to kick off #photoadaymay! you can find a recap of the rules here. I’ll be participating on  twitter and instagram, with weekly updates here and on pinterest.

before i begin may though, here are the rest of my april shots. enjoy!

day 25: looking down; i love these boots 🙂

day 26: black and white; night driving, i really hate those pesky little speed traps on the back roads leading to the beach.

day 27: somewhere you went; my first daylight view of the beach in almost two years. beyond excited.

day 28: 1pm; sunnin' my buns, time to flip. i wish my legs really looked as dark as the insagram filter made them look. 😐

day 29: circle; an old wagon wheel, not very creative i know - but i wasn't in top form after 2.5 hours of sleep. 🙂

day 30: something that makes you sad; my to-do list on such a beautiful day - i just want to go outside and play!

and here’s the list for may! check back soon for may photos, the list looks great!

photo credited to chantelle


Sweet Shot Day


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