#photoadaymay week one

here is week one of my first full month of the #photoaday series. you can find my photos daily on twitter and instagram and i’ll be posting weekly recaps here on the blog. i’m really enjoying this challenge and seriously considering turning all of my photos into some sort of book at the end of the year. so far i’ve been fairly successful at keeping up. i’ve only fell behind once, this weekend, when things were tough. below are my photos for the first week of may. enjoy!

day 1: peace; this is the drive home to my parent’s house. i have driven this route so many times i could do it with my eyes closed. being on this road always means home to me, and that brings me peace.

day 2: skyline; i love the way the clouds look here, too bad that pesky powerpole is intruding.

day 3: something you wore; this was my birthday outfit, complete with the little “it’s my birthday” ribbon i was given at work. yes, i wore it all day. 🙂

day 4: fun; VIP ticket to the crawfish boil from my wonderful friend alyssa and an antique crown royal flask from one of our favorite trinket shops.

day 5: bird; hm, perhaps a little morbid – but there was chicken in my cinco de mayo creation. real birds don’t come in my yard because of the little monsters. (btw, this was totally yummy – maybe i’ll post a recipe later!)

day 6: you; this is me at my mom’s about to blow out the candles (two days late) and sweet casey is being a little creepy.

day 7: someone who inspires you; my daddy. he’s getting ear licks from tyson here. i wanted to include my mom as well, but she’s not too keen on having her photo taken. 🙂

Sweet Shot Day

by the way … the giant birthday post is still coming. i was going to write it this weekend, but, ya know…

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