getting to know each other

1. i work for a travel agency, it’s not the design job i dreamed of when i started school four years ago – but it’s a pretty sweet gig.
2. i wish i had more self discipline when it came to actually creating the things i dream up.
3. i do in fact love my dogs as if they were real children.
4. i’m tired of moving around and ready to live in a house of our very own.
5. my first pet was a dog when i was two, she was appropriates named ‘twosie’
6. i dream of being a stay-at-home mom, but the actual mom part is still debateable.
7. my husband is my best friend.
8. my mom is also my best friend. i can have two, right?
9. i’ve recently figured out that i like animals far more than i like people.
10. one day i hope to have my own shop/business – online or off, i don’t care.
11. i’m a bargain rack shopper, no matter how much money i have to spend.
12. i like diet coke way more than my body approves of.
13. i don’t reach higher brain function until around 9:30 a.m. no matter what time i actually wake up.
14. i don’t know how to use a sewing machine. not even a little.
15. i’m habitually lazy, a terrible habit i’m trying to break.
16. i can stress myself out over the tiniest things and i will no doubt worry about it for days.
17. my husband works night shift; it’s my least favorite thing about his job.
18. i started college as a nursing major and graduated with a design degree.
19. i still find it hard to call myself an artist.
20. i hate vacumning.
21. i love to paint, but i never do because i know i’ll have to clean up after.
22. i always wear sunglasses on my head, rain or shine. because if i take them off, i’ll lose them.
23. i wear contacts. without them i can’t see anything but blurry shapes. true story.
24. i hate having to use my sick time when i’m actually sick. i would much rather use it to play in the sunshine.
25. i hate wearing flip-flops. i ‘m much more comfortable in converse or sandals.
26. my birthday is may 3.
27. i never, ever thought i would be married. especially not at age 21.
28. i also never though i would consider having children, but i think i am now.
29. i have the attention span of a three year old.
30. staying awake for an entire movie is virtually impossible to me. they put me to sleep.
31. my music collection would baffle any music critic.
32. i’ve recently found myself wanting to move back home so badly i could cry.
33. i check my straightener to see if it is unplugged at least three times before leaving the house.
34. i have a love/hate relationship with my iphone.
35. my road rage is startling.
36. i am 23 years old this year. where has all the time gone?
37. if i could eat french fries at every meal, i totally would.
38. i am an only child.
39. i’m a procrastinator.
40. i am closer to my mother at 23 than i ever have been.
41. i love to drive, but casey never lets me.
42. his driving terrifies me.
43. i really want to learn to cook.
44. i hate gps systems. i only use them under duress. i would rather just know where i’m going.
45. i used to love to shop, but now i hate it. which is good for my wallet.
46. i’m trying to love exercise, but it’s a long journey.
47. i’m really new at this whole blogging thing and trying hard not to get discouraged.
48. i would wish it were the weekend, but i’m trying not to wish my life away.
49. i love ceramics and would love to have my own studio one day.
50. it’s taken me an insanely long time to come up with this many things about myself.


  • how long would it take you to list 50 things about yourself?
  • do we have things in common?




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