twenty-three in 2k12: a belated birthday post

since my return to the blogging world, i’ve been seeing this sort of goal setting yearly lists in quite a few places. the best and most inspiring example is elise’s 27 materials. since my birthday was last week, it seemed like as good a time as any to start a little list of my own. the goal is to show a bit of self discipline and actually make a few of the ideas i have in my head a reality. i’m very often guilty of coming up with an idea and then either not writing it down and losing it or just never starting. so i’m going to write my list here, and use the blog as a way to hold myself accountable. twenty-three is the number i chose. partly because i just turned twenty three and partly because the way i figure it, i can do two projects a month and have them all completed by my twenty-fourth birthday. this list is a combination of projects, goals, and a few dreams. some of these will be ongoing – hopefully long after twenty-four comes and goes.

so, here it goes …

1. create a book; i don’t want to be very specific here, except that it must have content. i’ve seen quite a few around that i like, but i want to come up with something that is unique to me.

2. complete a large painting; i’ve always dabbled in painting, since the one class i took in college, but never anything significant. i have a large canvas just hanging out in the back of my closet that i’ve been avoiding for quite some time that deserves some paint.

3. run a 5k; i’ve posted here a few times about trying to get in shape and the 5k that i’ve signed up for. my goal is to feel confident about running the race. it’s a race that’s more about having fun and less about time, even if that means walking, but i would like to make the choice myself – not have it determined by my physical shape.

4. make a wreath (or three); i made a fall wreath and a christmas wreath last year but then stopped. i have a particular one in mind that i want to make for the summer.

5. make something using old fence/house wood; we have quite a lot of scrap things lying around from the house we used to live in. i really want to make something fantastic from some of it that we can put in our future house, to remind us of where we began.

6. buy a home; i know this isn’t a goal that i can particularly control, but it’s still on the list for this year. we’ve been looking and haven’t found the perfect place yet, but hope to by the beginning of 2013.

7. set monthly goals, and keep them; i’ve already completed my goals for the month of may, and i’m doing well with them so far. i’ve never been one that’s good with getting things done, so perhaps if i break it down into months it won’t be as overwhelming.

8. start a garden; again, can’t be too specific because i’m not sure how this house search will play out. i would be quite happy if i could just have a mini potted plant garden.

9. take more photos; i’ve been doing the #photoaday monthly series since mid-april. my goal is by my next birthday to have completed a year of them and make them into something fabulous.

10. create a cookbook; i have hundreds of recipes that were my grandmothers, i would LOVE to cook my way through them and make a cookbook of my favorites.

11. document casey’s journey with diabetes; this sounds like a strange thing, but the real goal is to learn as much as possible about the condition and how to manage it. i think the best way to do it may be through a scrapbook or journal …

12. do something with the ceramic things i have in storage; some of them aren’t worth much – very basic beginner stuff. i may break it down and make something else out of it. as for the better stuff, i love it – but i just don’t have room for it all. maybe a pop-up shop or a temporary etsy shop?

13. make jewelry; i have so many jewelry and beading supplies that need to be put to good use.

14. eliminate clutter; i’ve already had a pretty good clean-out, but it’s time to get serious. i either need to make things out of all the supplies i’ve gathered or get rid of them.

15. learn to sew; casey’s mom bought me a sewing machine the first year we were together – it’s high time i learned to use it 🙂

16. refinish my china cabinet; i also have a china cabinet given to me by my grandmother. it’s in our garage and in need of some serious love.

17. create some wall art; when we moved into our rental, the walls stayed bare for months. i’m determined not to let that happen when we move into a real house.

18. learn to let go; this is another fairly vague one – but something i need to do very badly. it may mean taking up yoga or reading more, who knows what – i just need something to alleviate some of the stress in my life.

19. 100 ideas, well … 50; complete one of keri smith’s 100 ideas a week. this is a stretch, but i hope i can stick to it!

20. grow the blog; i’ve just started again and a little timid, but i really do want to grow my readership and be involved in the blogging world. maybe this year i will be brave enough for a few blog swaps and sponsors.

21. begin working on my own studio; i have a degree in design, but fell in love with ceramics in college. casey promised me that when we eventually owned our own home and got on our feet we could start gathering things to set up a real studio for me.

22. read twelve NEW books; i’m guilty of picking up a cheesy romance i’ve read one million times and reading it in two days, but not very often do i go buy (or check-out) and read a new book. the goal is to read one a month and blog a review here.

23. make gifts; all too often i’m caught at the last minute and rush out to buy something mundane for a birthday or christmas present. the goal is to make more gifts than i buy this year.

so, there they are. i’m counting on this blog and my sweet little readers to keep me accountable. don’t let me down. 🙂



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