the weekend in photographs 5.14.12

this weekend was MUCH better than last weekend. i’m very happy to announce that casey has gained back almost ten pounds of much needed weight and is adjusting well to the new lifestyle, thank God. we have been very blessed that this transition has been so easy. aside from a teensy bit of eyesight trouble, his body seems unfazed fy everything it’s been through lately. and while he wouldn’t let me snag of photo of his snazzy new glasses, i did catch a few from the weekend. enjoy!

the weekend started off with a visit from my parents, and this little nugget was ready for snuggles!

tyson was very happy to see his ‘poppy’. they played like this for hours.

we went to the city of helena buck creek festival, where the highlight of the day was a rubber duck race over the waterfall. 🙂

here is a view of the waterfalls post-duck. there was no way to capture the ducks, it was wayy too crowded.

we had delicious burgers and phillies from a little diner in town called the depot. yum!

and of course, the best part of any festival is the fried food. in this case, ribbon fries. yay!

phiily cheese from the depot.

after lunch we walked around the booth areas and caught a glimpse of a blown glass demonstration.

tyson was so excited we when arrived back home.

this is his happy face 🙂

harley was excited too, but he was much more composed.

apparently, my dad planted corn in my backyard a few weeks ago … and it’s growing! hm, future subdivision farmer?

spent a beautiful sunday with casey!

we’ve started looking at a few houses, but nothing has really struck our fancy yet.

it was a GREAT weekend! How was your weekend?





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