coffee date

hello there, it’s been a while. i’m glad you’ve decided to visit again, even though the puppies were unruly last time 🙂

so much has happened since we last chatted, but please – let’s have some coffee and talk about you first. it’s been a long day.

the story is still the same – cream, no sugar. in fact, there is no sugar in any way shape or form in our house now. i’ll probably make you look in the pantry, just because i am so proud we’ve successfully made the adjustment. (please don’t judge me for the leftover reese egg i’m hiding in the jar on the table that casey never opens, sometimes a girl just needs her chocolate).

how is your week going? i’m sure you’re as happy as i am that it’s wednesday – lately it seems like i’m constantly counting down the days til the weekend. i hate that i wish my life away like that, maybe it’s jsut a phase.

have you read any good books lately? i’m thinking of downloading one to iBooks tonight and just curling up on the couch.

it’s been a rough few weeks here. finally, we have an answer to the health problems that casey has been having. i’m overwhelmed with pride that he has embraced the change and is making the sacrifices he must (that mt. dew addiction was fierce) to get healthy again. the scale tipped at 157 Sunday night, meaning he’s gained almost ten pounds in the one short week we’ve been managing his sugar levels. can you believe that my poor 6’1″ husband only weighed in at 148 pounds? i was horrified.

God has really blessed us that he was diagnosed with something that is manageable. when i think of the horrible things that could have been, it breaks my heart. i’ve been trying not to let my mind go there anymore.

let’s talk about something happier. can i tell you how excited i am that next weekend is memorial day? and that casey has three whole days in a row off? there i go, wishing my life away again – but there are no words for how excited i am. it’s very rare that we see each other for multiple days in a row that one of us is not sleeping. my heart goes out to all of the military spouses who must go weeks/months/or longer without seeing their loves.

and more exciting news, the company i work for has agreed to let us work cut hours for the summer, to spend more time with family. summer is an off season for travel planning (probably because people are actually traveling), so i’m fortunate enough that starting next week, i will only be working monday-friday. this came at a perfect time, because i was really starting to get frightened that i’m getting burnt out on my job. not that i don’t like my job, but that i’m just not that interested in working a 9-5. hopefully, one day i’ll be fortunate enough to turn this little blog into something that lets me stay at home. 🙂

do you have any exciting news this week? what are your memorial day plans?

before you leave, may i ask you to pray for me and my little family? the things that have happened in our lives over the past few months/years have been screaming at me to strengthen my relationship with God and i’ve been ignoring them. i would love for you to pray that i find peace from the stress that i put on myself. i will pray for you too, that you find as much relief in these coffee dates as i do.

just stick your cup by the sink – dishes will get done eventually. tonight, i’m going to relax.

thanks for visiting, dear friend. i hope you’ll come back soon.


i really love these little coffee date posts. please, if you have coffee dates at your blog, leave me a link in the comments section, so that i may visit soon! :)</font>


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