weekend in photographs: studio edition

being back in the studio this weekend felt like coming home. after an almost year-long hiatus, it was like i’d never even left. well, emotionally at least. physically i’m still sore two days later. wedging numerous mounds of clay is not fun for shoulders and biceps that haven’t done much in the past moth 🙂 i get to call studio time my workout for the weekend, right??

immediately after work on Friday, i headed straight to campus. (my lovely ceramics professor still gives me access to the studio, even though i’ve graduated). i spent at least 5 hours sitting at my little corner wheel, getting back into the swing of things. it’s like riding a bicycle, but still i kicked myself for going so long without at least coming in for a little practice. needless to say, nothing made the cut friday night.

saturday after casey left for work, i headed back for more. four more hours yielded two gourd birdhouses and three lidded jars with lids that still need trimming. i plan on heading back in one day this week for that.

being back there, i remembered why i love clay so much. i feel no pressure when i’m working at the wheel. time flies by and it helps to clear my mind. that’s why i started ceramics in the first place, to give myself a physical medium to work and clear my mind to keep my graphic design classes from driving me mad. so it makes no sense to quit now that i’m in the real world, working my not-always-so-exciting design/marketing job, right?

casey promised when i graduated, that he would eventually see to it that i have my own studio space and the equipment i need. but when i did get around to graduating, we were living in a rental (still are, actually). but now that we’re looking for a place of our own to buy, a studio is definitely high on my priority list and happily – it’s on his too! 🙂

in the meantime, the goal is to set at least one afternoon a week to head out to the campus studio. maybe it will help my sanity 🙂

here are a few photos, courtesy of my good friend, alyssa. enjoy!

FindingBeautyintheOrdinary.com  http://www.carissagraham.com/2012/04/miscellany-monday_23.html


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