#photoadaymay week 3

here is week three of the #photoadaymay series. you can find my photos daily on twitter and instagram and i’ll be posting weekly recaps here on the blog.

for some reason, it’s getting a little harder to keep up these days. the weekends, mostly – which is strange because i take the most photos on the weekends. this week was a little better than last, but i must find more enthusiasm!

below are my photos for the third week of may. enjoy!

day 15: love; these three boys are the loves of my life. they bring me so much happiness, just looking at their precious faces. and the best part is, they love me too! 🙂

day 16: what you’re reading; i’m sure i won’t be the first to say that i think tina fey is amazing. this quote from her about body image is pretty spot on, right?

day 17: snack; actually, this banana ending up serving as lunch too. a total bad idea, i know, but it was a busy week.

day 18: something you made; a mid-session photo of the weekend’s studio labors. the odd looking one became a little gourd bird house. and only a few of those lids made the cut.

day 19: a favorite place; i’m sure you got my drift yesterday when i told you how much i LOVED being in the studio again. it’s a great place to relieve some stress. especially since i’ve been slacking on my running 🙂

day 20: something you can’t live without; i never realized that it would be possible to love someone with my whole heart. God certainly knew what he was doing when he blessed me with this man – he even puts up with my crazy! 🙂

day 21: where i stand; you know – i really wanted to do a different play on this – where i stand beliefs-wise instead of just looking down. but a whole day spent with the sweet man in the photo above changed my mind.


thanks for following my #photoaday posts here on my little blog! i love reading the sweet comments you leave and i hope that some of you will join me in the challenge!


Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


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