the last thing …

this week seems like it’s dragging on forever, when i really just want it to be friday already. i know this goes against my whole “quit wishing your life away” goal, but casey is off saturday, sunday AND monday for memorial day – can you blame a girl?

today i’m taking part in the last thing thursday link up over at the life of the wife. so here goes nothing.

the last thing i …

thought about: how pretty it is outside and all of the fun we’re going to have this weekend.

bought: besides lunch – an adorable dress and blazer from tjmaxx, a new straightener and hair dryer, and a precious little nine west wristlet (or two) from ross. i promise, i’m not always such a shopper but last night i really needed a new straigtener and then i found some AMAZING deals on the other stuff. i probably won’t buy anything again for months, literally.

worried about: actually, i’m not being much of a worrier these days. the past few weeks were rough with casey’s diagnosis and getting on the road to managing his health. now that he’s had his first check-up visit and put on a suitable amount of weight, i’m feeling more relieved and thankful than worried.

needed: a change? i can’t quite describe it – but there is something going on in my life right now that i can’t quite figure out. i have everything i could ever want or wish for, yet i have a sense of unhappiness. i would love it if you’d pray that i find peace from this feeling soon.

dreamed about: i’m always dreaming. dreaming up new projects, dreaming of a house of our very own, maybe even dreaming about sweet babies in the not-so-distant future. and i love to talk about my dreams, so that everyone else gets excited too! 🙂

well, there it is – a few last things. how did i do?

what are the last things you did? 



2 thoughts on “the last thing …

  1. TJMAXX has the CUTEST stuff. I just found 3 adorable dresses from there! YAY for a bargain, eh?! 🙂

    And THANKS for linking up! So happy that you did!!!

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