the weekend in photographs 5.28.12

i hope everyone had a fabulous (long) weekend. mine was great for the most part … until the sickness took over. unfortunately, while most of you were enjoying your memorial day treats, this girl was suffering on the couch. the first bite of real food hit my mouth around eleven this morning – still no fun.

fortunately, i did get to enjoy a couple days with family, friends, and casey before i became bedridden. šŸ™‚

kicked off the weekend early on friday with a yummy strawberry sundae at costco with my friend alyssa. a steal at $1.49. yummy!
also bought a couple of new books at a great used bookstore near my house. more on that later.

saturday morning casey went and bought a truck. don’t get me wrong, i was totally against spending the money at this point – but it’s totally worth it to see him so happy. after the rough few weeks he’s had it’s nice to see him smile. (not smiling here, unfortunately. traffic on saturday was killer).

saturday night, we hit the fair in our little home town with a couple of old friends. we very rarely get time off to go home on a saturday, so it was really nice to get out and about. btw, the ferris wheel was a phoney. i can’t get on board for a fair without a legitimate ferris wheel … this one was little baskets built for four that leaned precariously when two sat on one side. still fun, though.

me and my friend laura. this was shortly before i almost broke a rib on the himalayan. either i’m getting old or these rides are getting faster/more dangerous. we were both so sore on sunday morning but in total agreement it will happen again soon!

like a true man, my husband takes his bumper cars seriously. this photo was taken shortly before he slammed into an unsuspecting 10 year old. (i kid, i totally kid. but he was pretty serious about it.)

you can see what i mean about the phoney ferris wheel here. these are our friends laura and murray. aren’t they sweet? šŸ™‚

tyson was cross eyed with happiness because he got so much attention this weekend.

just look at that face!

isn’t he so cute doing his man thing? (i always get stuck with the weed eating) in fact, that was the last thing we did before i got sick … do you think i can use that as an excuse to remove myself from future yardwork? nah, i didn’t think so either.

how was your weekend?!


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