hello june

hello june.

hello sunshine and warmth.

hello summer.

i’m not going to lie, may was a pretty crazy month around here. in it’s own way, june will be a little crazy too but hopefully in a better way. (more about that to come). but for this month, i’m hoping for a slowdown. i need time to relax and be at peace with things.

i love the way life always seem slow down in the summer. i guess it’s hard to be in a hurry when the weather is so perfect.

so, even though i may or may not have bonked on a couple of last month’s goals, i’m back and ready to go again. after all, i challenged myself to set these goals as a way help strengthen my priorities and make self-improvements. if i gave up on the first month, what would the point be? exactly.

in june 2012 i will …

// become less dependent on my iphone.

// work on my decision making skills.

// spend more time outdoors.

// read a book. or three.

// pray with intent.

// relax.


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