the weekend in photographs 6.4.12

this was a fairly uneventful weekend. i opted to spend my friday night in, since i’d been sick throughout the week. no fun, considering there were lots of great events in town over the weekend. so, while my friends were beer-tent hopping at Birmingham’s Brewfest, i was the old lady at home arranging flowers. i just wasn’t sure about drinking in the heat when i’d only been eating solid food for a couple of days. maybe next year my tummy will cooperate.

saturday, i went to visit my mom and check on a project we’ve been working on. part of the big announcement i was talking about in my june goals post. (i’m not quite ready to announce yet, but trust me … it’s great news).

sunday, we spent the day at C’s parent’s place and i parked myself on a sun-lounger while he and his cousin did manly things like swapping out the motors in a couple of broken-down mustangs he’s had forever. i never thought i would see the day when he made one working car out of the two, but it seems we’re making progress.

anyhow, here are a few photos of the weekend. enjoy!

i was given a bouquet of flowers by one of the sweet ladies at work that i’ve been working on a project for. they were beautiful, but i just wasn’t feeling the stuck randomly in a vase look. so i channeled my inner martha stewart and jazzed them up a bit with a vase i had at home.

not bad for beginner’s luck, huh? also, please don’t judge me for my lack of curtains. that is the oddest window and so hard to dress.

this was my saturday. i slapped on my cowboy boots and trotted around giving orders. no, i wasn’t driving that thing. not for lack of trying though 🙂

sunday fun – motor swap on a 1998-ish mustang.

pretty much all i was good for was hovering and taking pictures. i stuck around for a few ‘hand-me-that’s’ and then i got bored.

so i went inside to play with these cute kiddos. i love the look on his face in this one.

she was giving roxie water, isn’t it precious?

this is casey’s other baby – sweet roxie. she prefers to stay at his parent’s and play with the kids – our monsters aren’t her cup of tea. she’s always happy to see him, though.

they didn’t let a little bit of rain stop them. i like to refer to this as redneck ingenuity. 🙂 where there’s a will, there’s a way.

a confused look on the face of the crane operator can’t be good, right?

new motor going in …

almost there. i can’t believe i didn’t get a final after shot – it kind of got dark. but you get the idea, right?

what did you do this weekend?

i’d love to see your photos if you posted any – just leave me a link in the comments section and I’ll pop over and check them out!

Happy Monday!


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