#photoadaymay wrap-up and kicking off #photoadayjune

the great news today is that it’s time to kick off #photoadayjune! I’ll be participating on  twitter and instagram, with weekly updates here and on pinterest.

already, june is off to a much better start than may. i’m proud to announce that i’ve stayed on track this week and actually posted a photo a day, as was intended. 🙂 hooray.

here are the last few may shots and the june ones to date. enjoy!

day twenty-nine: number; sort of a number, sort of not. and really, sort of gross. this is casey’s new drink of choice – i’ll stick with diet, thank you very much.

day thirty: my personality; a little silly. this is how i amuse myself in the car when C is driving.

day thirty-one: beautiful; i love this quote – wise words.

june, day one: these are the flowers i received at work for helping with a project i was working on. click here to see what i did with them.

day two: empty. more on this later 🙂

day three: on my plate – roasted squash, potatoes, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms. holy yum!

day four: close-up; a cameo given to me by my grandmother. i wear it almost every day and a really love this photo of it. it may be a framer, what do you think?

in case you missed it, here’s the list for june! check back each week for my photos, the list looks like a lot of fun!

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


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