wreath love: patriotic

it’s been quite a while since i’ve made something cute to decorate our little rental house with. one day i’ll post photos of all the great stuff i made for fall and christmas last year. somehow, since then i’ve lost a little of my crafty home-making spark because i know that we’ll be leaving here when our rent is up in the fall.

monday evening, i decided that i was sick of living in that mindset … so what if we’re only here a few more months? i can still enjoy whatever i make now. and if it doesn’t fit in wherever we end up, oh well – i’ll pass it off for someone else to enjoy.

i decided to start with a wreath. i already had a nice grapevine wreath left-over from last fall (i was going to make a matching set – but there was no point in having a wreath on the backdoor because no one sees it but the pups, and they might just eat it) so i ran out and grabbed some flowers and this cute little patriotic trinket …

is this not the most precious tiny birdhouse you ever did see?

and i ended up sprawled out in the middle of the living room floor, crafting and watching DVR episodes of Melissa and Joey (i know, i party hard – right?).

hm … the filter i used made my flowers look pink – but i assure you they are red.

there was really no method to the madness, except that i knew i didn’t want the entire wreath covered in flowers and i wanted the little birdhouse to have its space. i started by clipping all of the flowers off the main stalk and trimmed them to about 3 inches. then i started weaving them into the wreath, using floral wire if necessary.

i thought about doing little spots like this periodically, but it looked more accidental than intentional…

so i just kept adding and adding until i had what i thought looked like a nice arrangement (and i was almost out of flowers).

looking from above, i loved the little house actually attached to the wreath, but unfortunately when i hung it on the door – it made the piece of wreath it was attached to sag awkwardly. |:

here it is hanging on the inside of the garage door – i really hated it at this point … THIS close to pulling out the flowers and starting over. so i walked away and let it rest for a couple of days.

yesterday afternoon i pulled it down and moved it to the front door where it belonged and wow – the color of the door really helped the look of it – what do you think?

i may still add a bow or something to add a little excitement, but at least i’m not coming home to a blank door anymore.

happy day!

  • what are you making this week?
  • what’s your go-to project when you get in a creative rut?
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