#photoadayjune week 2

well, here it is. week 2 of the #photoadayjune challenge. you can find my photos daily on twitter and instagram and i’ll be posting weekly recaps here on the blog.

i have to say, i honestly wasn’t loving the challenge this week. i’m not 100% sure if it was the prompts or just my frame of mind – but i just couldn’t get into it. most of them didn’t actually find their way to my twitter or instagram. apologies.

(i’m always torn as to whether or not this challenge should be used as a way to document my life or as ‘artsy’/ normally wouldn’t take them shots. currently, it’s a mix of both.)

oh well. for better or for worse, here’s week 2. enjoy!

day five: sign; this is a truck we found for sale (obviously) a while back. i loved the truck, the sign was borderline hideous.

day six: hat; (confession – this pic is OLD. she’s not nearly so little now but still just as cute). she loved her hello kitty hat.

day seven: drink; my daily dose of diet coke. fun fat: when i put this on instagram, the official diet coke page “liked” it. cool!

day eight: 6 o’clock; back in the studio, trimming pots.

day nine: your view today; it was a lazy lazy day and after casey left for work, i sat on the bed and played in my craft paper supply for hours. exciting, huh?

day ten: the best bit of my weekend; do you have to ask? it’s always spending time with casey. (i’ve recently dubbed him boo-boo and i have no idea why. i’m not sure if he appreciates it, but he’s adjusting. so if you hear me refer to ‘boo-boo’ here, it’s not a hot new man – just the same hot man i married 🙂

day eleven: door; possibly the least creative photo i’ve ever taken.

what do you think? is there something you would have done differently with the prompts?

thanks for following my #photoaday posts here on my little blog! i love reading the sweet comments you leave and i hope that some of you will join me in the challenge!


Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


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