weekend in photographs 6.18.12

whew. this weekend was a lazy one (i feel like i’m saying that a lot here lately). i’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so i’ve been taking it easy. my parents came and spent a few days with us and we spent sunday with casey’s family just hanging around the house. next weekend is going to have to have more excitement or i may just go crazy… šŸ™‚

here a few photos from the weekend … enjoy!

tyson was a little overexcited to see ‘poppy’.
p.s. my daddy doesn’t always look that ferocious. i just caught him in an awkward moment šŸ™‚

my mom always gifts each pup with a mt. dew bottle while she’s visiting. as you can see, it’s a highlight for them. i swear, i give them toys – they’re just caffeine fiends i guess (wonder where they get that….)

harley was so excited he fell over with joy. yes, he did turn up the bottle to see if there was any left. no, there wasn’t. i’m not that terrible of a puppy parent. šŸ™‚

this is from sunday. that’s three generations of casey’s family crammed on one golf-cart – with a grill. it was a good day.

this is a silly picture, and yes he is taking his shirt off (woot) but i just had to post it because i love it so much. this is the first photo i’ve taken of him since he’s been sick that he actually approves of. doesn’t he look healthier (look at those arms!)?

how was your weekend? i’d love to see your photos, just put the link in the comments section and i’ll check it out!


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