making grownup decisions …

i’m sure that some of you have noticed my absence on this little blog lately. i haven’t lost interest and i’m not quitting by any means but i have definitely had other things on my mind.

the lease on our rental house is up at the end of august and we’ve ben scrambling to make a decision about where we’re going to go. we set a goal when we signed the lease last year to be ready to by a house by this time. but things  this year haven’t really gone 100% as planned (do they ever?)

first, i had to have a car. then, he had to have a truck. and when i say this – i mean because our vehicles were pitiful and old and just not working to suit our needs anymore. no, we didn’t have to buy the vehicles we have – we could have chosen less expensive solutions but we chose to have something nice. they may be more expensive now, but in the long run we should come out to the better (maintenance, etc.)

second, with the scare we had with c’s health and my decision to work less hours to spend more time together (and the fact that one day i hope to work from home or not at all) we haven’t been pocketing as much as we should and it’s really made us think about things. are we ready to go into this much debt?  is a house worth draining our savings and living month-to-month?

we’ve found nice houses. we’ve thought about building a house. we even put in an offer on a house. and when the loan we thought we could get wasn’t available, we decided to stop. i’ve looked over our accounts, weighed our debts, and used some great tools from here to set up a game plan.

we’ve decided the best move at this point is to move back into the house we left after the storm and live rent free for a year or so while we pay off the debts we have and save more cash for a down payment. a larger house payment isn’t quite so scary when you don’t have the car notes and such on top of it and a depleted savings account, right?

okay, i know debt is always going to be scary. but i feel like making this decision now – even though it means a few more months of sacrifice – will help us in the long run. the house we will be living in is relatively tiny and no place to start a family, but it’s perfect for the two of us. what’s one more year in the grand scheme of things, right?

sometimes all this money talk makes me crazy. c hates to even worry about it. his thoughts are that it’s there and we should just enjoy life. i think he’s right to an extent – but we’ve had nothing before and i’d prefer to have a plan to prevent us from hitting that point again. money used to put a giant strain on our relationship and it’s still something we hate to discuss – even though it’s part of life.

i’m excited about this new step we’ve chosen to take and can’t wait to start paying off things and building up our savings. if any of you out there have tips and tricks for this sort of thing, i’d love to hear them!

  • who handles the finances in your house – you or your hubs/wife?
  • what tools do you use to help you budget?

2 thoughts on “making grownup decisions …

  1. I’ve always handled the finances and done everything on Excel spreadsheets. It really helps me keep things organized and if it weren’t for times when things simpl couldn’t be paid, I would probably never miss a payment. Every weekend I go over the finances and make sure we’re all set. Debt is definitely not a fun place ot be though…I tell you that!

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