pinning: small house solutions

well, it’s official … we released the house yesterday.. as it turns out, to obtain an FHA loan here in alabama the cost of the house can’t exceed a certain amount – and this house definitely did. and with our credit history (well, mostly casey’s), a conventional loan just isn’t in the cards right now.

i’m not going to lie. even though we’d already sat down and made the decision to wait if we were denied, it still broke my heart to call yesterday and tell the sellers we were letting go. but i know that there is a house out there for us. the Lord has a plan for us and that house wasn’t in it, at least not right now.

so, i’ve decided to throw myself into working on the house we’ll be moving into. as i mentioned, it was damaged during last years storm. while we’ve repaired all of the exterior damage and the interior structural damage – the house still needs some love. i’ll be working with my parents over the next couple of weeks cleaning, painting, and making some minor changes to the interior layout.

i may not have mentioned, but the house is pretty tiny. just around 1000 sq. feet. we’ve lived here before, so now we know what we need to change to make the house more functional for us. there’s a second door leading to our bedroom from the kitchen that we’re going to close up to allow for more storage as well as add a couple of storage solutions to the laundry/bathroom area. for the most part, i am excited to be ‘living small’ again (we are in a 1700 sq. ft. house now) and condensing some of our things.

now that the final decision is made, i can’t wait to get started! of course, my first instinct was to browse pinterest – so here are a few great finds i’d like to use in the house to help maximize function/space.

Source: via Brandi on Pinterest

Source: via Michael on Pinterest

Source: via Abigail on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

isn’t that bookshelf amazing? i’m obviously behind because all of the research i did on them says they’ve been popular forever – but i’m totally going to try and build a few for my best books (i just can’t bear to put all of them in storage!)

i’m getting so excited. only six more weeks to get everything squared away and moved!

  • are you the type of person that dreads a move or do you get excited like i do?
  • what storage solutions work best for you in your home?
  • would you be excited or intimidated by downsizing?

3 thoughts on “pinning: small house solutions

  1. Sorry about Things not working out with the loan:( it looks like you’ve got some awesome ideas already lined up for making the most of the place you’ll be moving into! As someone who’s moved from fort Lauderdale, to Brooklyn, to Ponte Vedra, to Miami im the last year and a half, I’m definitely someone who gets excited about each move! Let me know how things go with that bookshelf! It looks awesome! Best of luck!

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