color run birmingham, 2012

so it’s officially been over a month since i last posted, but i wanted to take a minute to blog about the color run. you may remember me posting about it back in the spring.

it was meant to be my first 5k and i went crazy with excitement, began the couchto5k program, etc. then casey got sick, i got sick, and life happened. so, you can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, september arrived and it was time to … gasp … run.

the run was scheduled for labor day, and of course it rained. has anyone else noticed how insanely wet this summer has been? i feel like i’ve worn my rainboots more than my sunglasses around here …

anyhow, turns out the rain was a blessing in disguise. it kept us cool and allowed for even more color saturation!! i even heard a few people who had obviously ran in other color run events say that they had more fun in the rain!

here are the only three pictures i managed to snap before i tucked my phone safely away to stay dry.



#photoadaymay week two

here is week two of the #photoadaymay series. you can find my photos daily on twitter and instagram and i’ll be posting weekly recaps here on the blog. i’m still enjoying this challenge, although this week i will admit i slacked off for a few days and then had to play catch up. 🙂

below are my photos for the second week of may. enjoy!

day 8: a smell you adore; chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven. obviously, i adored the taste as well. yum!

day 9: something you do everyday; love this sweet sweet man. i’m so very blessed to have him to love and take care of me.

day 10: a favorite word; fun. this is one of the days i fell behind on – i actually have lots of words i like but fun seemed appropriate since that’s what i was having when i missed the day!

day 11: kitchen; another day i missed, not that i would show you my messy little rental kitchen anyhow 🙂 this is a set of pottery i would LOVE to have/make for my own one day.

day 12: something that makes you happy; what’s not happy about a giant inflateable duck?! well, actually … spending time with my wonderful parents. the only thing missing this day was casey.

day 13: mum/mom; this is my mom. she’s my biggest fan and one of my best friends. she would also kill me if she knew i was posting photos of her, but she’ll get over it 🙂

day 14: grass; also, i realized that i post 1 billion photos of tyson on instagram/facebook/twitter – so here’s one of my sweet little harley. he looks like he’s on a very important mission here, right?

thanks for following my #photoaday posts here on my little blog! i love reading the sweet comments you leave and i hope that some of you will join me in the challenge!


Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley



eep! my first 5K!

well, i’ve finally done it guys. i signed up yesterday for my first 5k.

color run, the happiest 5k on the planet. it’s time to get real.