watching … the rain, through the window.

listening to … amos lee radio on pandora. perfect rainy day music.

daydreaming … about working on our house this weekend.

thankful … for my wonderful parents, who have been working tirelessly to get a few more things done so that all casey and i have to do is paint and lay some flooring.

wishing … that i could be there with them instead of sitting here wishing my life away.

wondering … how it’s possible that my husband has two cell phones yet just had to call me from the onStar phone in his truck because he can’t keep up with either of them.

procrastinating … the packing that i know is inevitable.

wondering … if we are making the right decisions.

praying … for guidance, as we take this new path toward our future. and sanity, as we attempt to partially remodel (again), pack, and move while we both work full-time (that’s 40 and 60+ hours a week, if you were wondering).


the weekend in photographs 6.11.12

i feel like this weekend lasted forever, not that i’m complaining. which, now that i’m taking full advantage of our summer flex hours and have mondays off – it really does last a little longer.

i spent friday night in the studio for a bit (part of my new goal to go more often) then went to a show opening with my friend alyssa. the show was pretty awesome – featuring a HUGE collection of bottletree concert posters from throughout the years. bottletree is this adorable little venue downtown that has live music almost every night of the week – so of course they brought live music with them to the opening. win-win friday night.

saturday was a super lazy day. spent the morning with c and the pups and then crafted my little heart out saturday night. i recently discovered emily over at 52 mantels and her blog inspired me to get going on another themed mantel. i went hard at it for fall and christmas, but since then my mantel has been sorely lacking.

sunday, we visited family and i read a WHOLE book while casey worked on the mustang again.

so here you go, a weekend in photos. enjoy!

friday night in the studio = two new jars
i’m really attracted to this shape, for some reason.

i really like their logo. literal, but well played.

the show was made up of 3 large walls covered solid with posters, as well as three more walls featuring framed prints. this was my favorite wall. most of these were cut+paste or handdrawn and i loved that they included them even though they weren’t the final editions.

this is a small portion of the biggest wall, about 1/4th – so you get an idea of how many posters there were.

second favorite wall – these were screenprinted. love that Sloss one.

is there anything better than outdoor concerts in the summer. also, there might have been craft beer. yum.

saturday morning was lazy, for everyone. i didn’t think he was comfortable but he stayed asleep this way for almost an hour.

casey and harley some quality time after his monthly medicine date. harley was focused on the bacon that was leftover on the stove, he’s no dummy.

and here’s casey with his long-distance baby. she can’t wait for us to move somewhere that allows inside pets so she can come live with us. this is the only picture i pulled my head out of a book to snap on sunday.



how was your weekend?

i’d love to see your photos if you posted any – just leave me a link in the comments section and I’ll pop over and check them out!

Happy Monday!

live. every day

three years ago today, i lost one of the most important people in my life to that date. one of the only people that my naive nineteen year old self had ever loved more than her own self. the person that at that point, i would say taught me to live.

he taught me that there was more to life than my tiny little town.

he introduced me to music i’d never heard of, artists i’d never dreamed of.

he turned my whole small town world upside down.

and then he lost his beautiful life. far too young.

our short friendship taught me more about myself and where i wanted to be in life than i ever though one single person could.

with our friendship and his life, and death, he taught me to live. every day. never take any day for granted. don’t sweat the things that don’t matter. no matter how bad it gets, you go out there and keep going. it’s not a lesson that sank in quickly, or easily. it’s something that some days i have to repeat over and over to myself, like a record in the back of my head. just keep living, everyday.

and here i am now. i have a degree, a job i love, a husband who loves me more than i ever thought possible, and i’m closer to my family than ever before. i have my art, and i love my life. i would like to think that he would be proud of me, and who i’ve become.

rest in peace, my sweet friend.