question wednesday: changing seasons

i’m still struggling with this awful bug i picked up over the weekend. twenty four hour bugs seem to be getting stronger. so here i’ve been, laying in bed all day. no big deal, except for the fact i can actually think of ten thousand other things i need to be doing. like paying attention to this sweet little blog. and laundry, there’s always laundry.

today, i’m taking part in the question wednesday blog hop over at nikki’s mane blog. this weeks questions are based on the theme ‘changing seasons’ and you can read my answers below.

1. What is your favorite season? What colors, scents, tastes, sounds do you associate with it?

i love fall. there’s something about the feel of warm summer days and cool nights that sends me down memory lane everytime. plus, fall means it’s time to break out the boots again!

2. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of each season?

spring: i have a love/hate relationship with the smell of fresh cut grass – i love it but my sinuses hate it.

summer: i love swimsuits and sunshine and the yummy smell of tanning lotion. i’m not crazy about bugs, but who is?

fall: i love when the weather starts to cool off at night and the breezes set in but unfortunately here in alabama fall doesn’t last long enough.

winter: i love the holidays – decorating, buying gifts, spending extra time with family – but i hate the bitter cold. my definition of bitter cold is anything under 60 degrees 🙂

3. Do you have any seasonal disorders (SAD, allergies, the fall dread of school starting up or celebration of same…)?


also, i always get a little bluesy in the colder weather, advanced cabin fever maybe?

4. How do you change your beauty routine as the seasons change? Do you use different products, or just different colors? (Or less makeup during one season, or more during another?)

i’m pretty lax about skin and hair care as it is, but usually in the summer i tone it down even further to just mascara. i also try and lay off the straightener and let my hair go curly more often.

5. Share your favorite winter or summer recipe! A salad, a sandwich, a dessert, a drink…anything.

mm. i love a good bowl of chili in the winter. and for summer, banana pudding. my recipe is undergoing renovation right now because of casey’s recent diabetes crisis but i’m fully confident i can make it taste just as yummy sans sugar.

thanks for reading! shoot on over to nikki’s blog and link up your own answers!


getting to know each other

1. i work for a travel agency, it’s not the design job i dreamed of when i started school four years ago – but it’s a pretty sweet gig.
2. i wish i had more self discipline when it came to actually creating the things i dream up.
3. i do in fact love my dogs as if they were real children.
4. i’m tired of moving around and ready to live in a house of our very own.
5. my first pet was a dog when i was two, she was appropriates named ‘twosie’
6. i dream of being a stay-at-home mom, but the actual mom part is still debateable.
7. my husband is my best friend.
8. my mom is also my best friend. i can have two, right?
9. i’ve recently figured out that i like animals far more than i like people.
10. one day i hope to have my own shop/business – online or off, i don’t care.
11. i’m a bargain rack shopper, no matter how much money i have to spend.
12. i like diet coke way more than my body approves of.
13. i don’t reach higher brain function until around 9:30 a.m. no matter what time i actually wake up.
14. i don’t know how to use a sewing machine. not even a little.
15. i’m habitually lazy, a terrible habit i’m trying to break.
16. i can stress myself out over the tiniest things and i will no doubt worry about it for days.
17. my husband works night shift; it’s my least favorite thing about his job.
18. i started college as a nursing major and graduated with a design degree.
19. i still find it hard to call myself an artist.
20. i hate vacumning.
21. i love to paint, but i never do because i know i’ll have to clean up after.
22. i always wear sunglasses on my head, rain or shine. because if i take them off, i’ll lose them.
23. i wear contacts. without them i can’t see anything but blurry shapes. true story.
24. i hate having to use my sick time when i’m actually sick. i would much rather use it to play in the sunshine.
25. i hate wearing flip-flops. i ‘m much more comfortable in converse or sandals.
26. my birthday is may 3.
27. i never, ever thought i would be married. especially not at age 21.
28. i also never though i would consider having children, but i think i am now.
29. i have the attention span of a three year old.
30. staying awake for an entire movie is virtually impossible to me. they put me to sleep.
31. my music collection would baffle any music critic.
32. i’ve recently found myself wanting to move back home so badly i could cry.
33. i check my straightener to see if it is unplugged at least three times before leaving the house.
34. i have a love/hate relationship with my iphone.
35. my road rage is startling.
36. i am 23 years old this year. where has all the time gone?
37. if i could eat french fries at every meal, i totally would.
38. i am an only child.
39. i’m a procrastinator.
40. i am closer to my mother at 23 than i ever have been.
41. i love to drive, but casey never lets me.
42. his driving terrifies me.
43. i really want to learn to cook.
44. i hate gps systems. i only use them under duress. i would rather just know where i’m going.
45. i used to love to shop, but now i hate it. which is good for my wallet.
46. i’m trying to love exercise, but it’s a long journey.
47. i’m really new at this whole blogging thing and trying hard not to get discouraged.
48. i would wish it were the weekend, but i’m trying not to wish my life away.
49. i love ceramics and would love to have my own studio one day.
50. it’s taken me an insanely long time to come up with this many things about myself.


  • how long would it take you to list 50 things about yourself?
  • do we have things in common?



getting answers …


there are very few photos from this weekend, so i’m replacing the normal monday post with something that’s been on my heart for several weeks and finally came to a screeching halt last night and this morning.

Casey has been showing signs of sickness for a few weeks now. being the stubborn man that is my husband, he’s been chalking it up to tired and overworked. and because i refused to accept the fact that something may be wrong with him, i went along.

i convinced him to go to the doctor this past wednesday. it was the normal poke, prod, give blood for tests, and be sent home. i was furious. am i the only one in the world that can clearly tell there is something wrong with my husband? the doctor’s office called on friday and told him his bloodwork was clear, come back on the 15th for follow-up.

by sunday night, we were in the emergency room. he started feeling badly after lunch and felt like taking a nap. we just so happened to be visiting my parents for my birthday and she decided we should check his blood sugar, to see if that might be why he was feeling bad.

it was over 600. so high that her reader wouldn’t pick up the actual number.

three bottles of water and a few pickles later (old wives tales are often fairly accurate), the reading was still (literally) off the charts. and we made our way to the emergency room.

on a very rare occassion, i’m sure, we were taken directly back to a cubicle where they confirmed that his sugar was indeed 671.


a normal blood sugar level should never exceed 140. 200-300 is considered high.

his was ALMOST 700.

four hours, two bags of iv fluid, and 10ccs of insulin later, his blood sugar dropped by over half and we were sent home with an almost diagnosis and a lot of questions. i was torn between fury and fear. how could have the wednesday doctor have not noticed something so obviously wrong?

he returned to the doctor this morning and this time, he wasn’t leaving without answers.

and now we have them.

type 1 diabetes.

essentially, his pancreas has quit producing the insulin his body needs to process sugar.

he’ll have to regulate his diet, take insulin shots, and generally change everything about his eating habits.

it’s going to be a long, hard road to get this under control. but once it is, he can lead a healthy, moderately normal life.

and, is it awful and callous of me to say that in a way i’m relieved? because i am.

i’m relieved that by the grace of God, there is no terrible underlying cause and no apparent damage caused by weeks or months of crazy high blood sugar levels. i’m relieved because this is something we can control. i’m relieved that after weeks of fear and questions, we have our answers. i’m relieved that with the help of the doctors, we can educate ourselves on diabetes and learn how to treat his situation.

i’m relieved because once again, God has answered my cry and let me keep my husband.

we will get through this.