these days.

working in my yard as much as possible.

enjoying more time with casey than we have in months.

unpacking holiday decorations.

realizing how hard it is to condense 1800 sq. feet of stuff into a 950 sq. ft. house.

loving being so close to my family again.

watching the presidential debates, even though they raise my blood pressure.

dreaming up christmas gifts and projects.

pinning fall outfits.

buying boots, boots, and more boots.

wishing for peace of mind about our financial situation.

wearing leggings with boots.

layering bracelets and necklaces.

re-working heels into my wardrobe.

finding ways to be outside.

starting to feel better again, finally.

trying to take better care of my skin.

eating lots of soup.

thinking about tattoo designs.

wondering what the next few months have in store.

refusing to dwell on the what ifs.

reading inspirational quotes and scriptures.


#photoadaymay wrap-up and kicking off #photoadayjune

the great news today is that it’s time to kick off #photoadayjune! I’ll be participating on  twitter and instagram, with weekly updates here and on pinterest.

already, june is off to a much better start than may. i’m proud to announce that i’ve stayed on track this week and actually posted a photo a day, as was intended. 🙂 hooray.

here are the last few may shots and the june ones to date. enjoy!

day twenty-nine: number; sort of a number, sort of not. and really, sort of gross. this is casey’s new drink of choice – i’ll stick with diet, thank you very much.

day thirty: my personality; a little silly. this is how i amuse myself in the car when C is driving.

day thirty-one: beautiful; i love this quote – wise words.

june, day one: these are the flowers i received at work for helping with a project i was working on. click here to see what i did with them.

day two: empty. more on this later 🙂

day three: on my plate – roasted squash, potatoes, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms. holy yum!

day four: close-up; a cameo given to me by my grandmother. i wear it almost every day and a really love this photo of it. it may be a framer, what do you think?

in case you missed it, here’s the list for june! check back each week for my photos, the list looks like a lot of fun!

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley