color run birmingham, 2012

so it’s officially been over a month since i last posted, but i wanted to take a minute to blog about the color run. you may remember me posting about it back in the spring.

it was meant to be my first 5k and i went crazy with excitement, began the couchto5k program, etc. then casey got sick, i got sick, and life happened. so, you can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden, september arrived and it was time to … gasp … run.

the run was scheduled for labor day, and of course it rained. has anyone else noticed how insanely wet this summer has been? i feel like i’ve worn my rainboots more than my sunglasses around here …

anyhow, turns out the rain was a blessing in disguise. it kept us cool and allowed for even more color saturation!! i even heard a few people who had obviously ran in other color run events say that they had more fun in the rain!

here are the only three pictures i managed to snap before i tucked my phone safely away to stay dry.



running, an update


Source: via Gidget on Pinterest

a few weeks ago i signed up to run a 5k in September. i had grand plans. and i was actually doing really well…

i have no excuses. it’s been a long week, i’m tired, and i’m stressed aren’t excuses not to exercise.

if anything, they are great reasons to get up off my tush and do something. but i haven’t. i’ve been a wimp.

and now i’m kicking myself. i’m to the point where i’ll probably have to start over from scratch. but that’s okay.

it will be more than i did yesterday.

does anyone have any tips for getting back my motivation?

let’s get running

so, last week i signed up for my first 5k.

this girl hasn’t ran since high school. crazy, right?

I’ve been reading lots of material about running – tips, tricks, how to get started. then i stumbled across this, which cracked me up.

Source: via Kathi on Pinterest

point taken.

i’ve decided to try the couch to 5k program, downloaded (the free version, because i’m cheap) on my trusty iphone. i’m currently on day two. i like the program so far – alternating jog/walk three days a week, slowly adding more jogging/running less walking. part of me wants to push myself, go ahead and just run everyday – i’m fairly excited about this. but i’m making myself take it slow, because i want this to turn into a healthy habit, not an injury.

the color run is on Labor Day – plenty of time to ease into a good result, right?

i’ll keep you posted.


eep! my first 5K!

well, i’ve finally done it guys. i signed up yesterday for my first 5k.

color run, the happiest 5k on the planet. it’s time to get real.